1.  No refunds of membership or program fees.
2.  Membership cards must be shown when using facilities.
3.  Membership fees are payable by the date of expiration.  A $25.00 rejoining fee after 60 days.
4.  Not responsible for lost items.
5.  Pre-registration is mandatory.  Payment of program fees must accompany registration.
6.  Programs are subject to change.
7.  Rainouts will be made up when possible.
8.  All posted rules must be obeyed.
9.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult everywhere on YMCA property.
10. Improper behavier or language will result in suspension from facility.
11. Failure to pick up children from Day Care by 6:00 PM could result in suspension.
12. Lifeguards & other staff must be obeyed.
13. Not responsible for money lost in machines.
14. All members & non-members participating in programs must register in main office.
15. A $30.00 service charge on all returned checks.
16. No one under 13 years old is allowed in Fitness Center.  A nursery is provided for children under the age of 13.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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